antitrust an‧ti‧trust [ˌæntiˈtrʌst] also anti-trust adjective [only before a noun]
LAW relating to laws in the US that make it illegal for a company or group of companies to restrict competition, set up a monopoly, or limit another person's freedom to run a business:

• The point of antitrust laws is to prevent restrictions on competition.

• The US Department of Justice has dropped its anti-trust case against the company.

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antitrust UK US (also anti-trust) /ˌæntiˈtrʌst/ adjective [before noun]
LAW, COMMERCE relating to efforts to prevent companies from working together to control prices unfairly or to create a monopoly (= a single company or small group of companies that is the only supplier of something): »

The court found that the company had violated antitrust laws.


antitrust concerns/issues/problems

antitrust suit/case/litigation »

Last month, it threw out an antitrust suit alleging collusion by the nation's largest phone companies.


The deal also needs approval from antitrust regulators.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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